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Wondering how to choose the right tablecloth size for your tables?

View 60 Inch Round Tablecloth Size Background. 84 inches round tablecloth gives a drop of 12 inches for 60 inch round table. The dimensions above apply only to tablecloths for dining.

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For a more dramatic look, lengthen the drop on each side.

All you need to do to clean this tablecloth is wipe it down with a damp rag. Because dining table sizes are not standardized across the furniture industry, tablecloth dimensions usually fall within a range that can work on many tables. See our round table sizing charts for the correct round tablecloth size you using 120 inch round tablecloths the drop will be to the floor using 90 inch round tablecloth the table skirt size. If you know your table size and the desired drop, establish your tablecloth size by multiplying the drop length by 2, then adding this means a 120 inch round tablecloth will cover a 60 inch round table and drop 30 inches off the table, or all the way to the floor (on a standard height.