Get Tv Mount Above Fireplace Mantel Pictures

While the popularity of an above fireplace mounted television has risen over the years, there is still much to consider before having it implemented in your home.

Get Tv Mount Above Fireplace Mantel Pictures. Hide the television above the fireplace with clever camouflage, so the focus will be right where you want it. Placing the tv above the fireplace does have its share of problems.

Hammers and High Heels: Living Room: Mounting a TV to a ...
Hammers and High Heels: Living Room: Mounting a TV to a ... from
Mounting a tv above your fireplace is popular, and it might even seem appealing, but we have some concerns about what it might mean for the health of your tv. Enjoy our gallery with tvs mounted above roaring fireplaces, and choose both class and technology. Mounting a tv over your fireplace is a great way to add a focal point to your home.

Solution to this problem is to lower the tv down for when it is viewed.

Mount large flat screen tvs to a variety of surfaces including drywall, stone, brick, outdoor posts, beams and much more. Experts at installing home theater systems insist that if you are going for this look, it is do review the fireplace and the chimney venting system before making the final call. Tv installation over a fireplace. The issues with mounting the tv over the fireplace center more around the quality of the viewing experience and with user comfort since heat rises, any heat not vented up the chimney cascades over the front of the mantel and upward.