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Yes they can if they are not lactose intolerant and if your vet would recommend giving it to them.

Get Can Dogs Eat Frozen Cottage Cheese Pics. Cottage cheese is fermented and can be considered to be a lower lactose food. (though it's often mixed with additional milk products, so pay attention to the label on the kind you purchase.)

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Let's imagine your dog has a poor recall. In fact some cheeses can help dogs, like cottage cheese can help their muscles. Cheese contains fat and lactose which may give your dog an upset stomach if consumed in large quantities;

Here's a pretty good list of what rats can and can't eat.

Dogs can eat cottage cheese in small amounts. You can puree cottage cheese and mix it with fruits and even veggies if you like. Cottage cheese is one of the few dairy products that can be given to your dogs since it is low in lactose and it contains probiotics which helps your dog's digestive system. Cheese is typically something that is perfect for freezing;