Download Basement Window Security Bars PNG

When choosing a style, you have to balance your security needs with aesthetics.

Download Basement Window Security Bars PNG. But we've noticed these bars currently trend 5. Beef up your security system.

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A bar that could be wedged in place to keep the window from opening if someone tryed to push it in from outside. Basement window replacements are slightly different from windows in the house because they often need to be expanded to meet fire code (egress) they must provide unobstructed openings with areas no less than 3.8ft² with no dimension less than 15in. Using your products and moving the security bars from the exterior to the interior achieves the the burglars bars we have installed through our basement saved our house from a thief's break in.

However, much of its effectiveness is while window security bars can be a source of protection, installed incorrectly, they can be a fire hazard.

They're out of view, easy to reach and the basement as a dark and unoccupied room can provide an easy gateway for burglars into other parts of your home. Window security bars are effective, visible devices that protect your home from thieves. Should someone attempt a burglary, they will most often enter through the basement windows. Length/width adjustable from 36 to 60 inches.