30+ Bathroom Fan Blowing Into Attic Background

There's drywall and what should i be careful of when going into an attic at home?

30+ Bathroom Fan Blowing Into Attic Background. I was actually worried that blowing air into the. After further inspection it was evident the current home owners vented their bathroom exhaust fans directly into the open attic space and not to the outside.

VENT BATHROOM FAN INTO ATTIC | BATH FANS from lh6.googleusercontent.com
This attic bathroom from the inspired room doesn't exactly show beams, but it sure does have a gorgeous wooden ceiling to highlight. Is it a simple maneuver? But let's follow that duct and see where it takes the air.

When we got into the attic, i quickly noticed the smell, moisture and what i could see as mold on the roof rafters above each bathroom.

The fan in the green bath didn't seem to do much other than sound like an airplane landing — our towels wouldn't dry and funk grew back quickly on shower tiles as soon as four or five days after being cleaned. Those individuals who are installing a bathroom exhaust fan without attic access will want to first measure the hole in the ceiling to make sure your new fan will fit in. Anyone know how to reverse the direction of the fan? Should a bathroom fan hose be vented into an attic?