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Homelessness occurs for many reasons.

15+ Homeless People Crying PNG. This, combined with barriers many homeless people face in getting treatment, make avoiding infectious diseases difficult. The cdc recommends 110 square feet per person for people housed together during the outbreak.

Black-haired Boy Crying · Free Stock Photo
Black-haired Boy Crying · Free Stock Photo from images.pexels.com
Homelessness means people who do not have a place to stay. I don't like people crying. The reasons people remain homeless is as varied as the people themselves.

While many homeless might be addicts or mentally ill, there is still a significant population of homeless that does not fit within this stereotype.

Royal guard breaks tradition for a good time. Their needs are met en masse. Three women in los angeles and seattle talk about how they ended up without a home and how they survived the first night. The crazy homeless people trope as used in popular culture.